Christmas Turnover 2011 – The Elves are at Work!

So it appears that there are two kinds of people when it comes to Christmas spirit. Those who bahumbug the idea of anything Christmas before December, and those whose eyes twinkle at the sight of new ornaments, and could listen to Christmas music all year round.
If you belong to the latter of these two groups, Alena Kirby brings you Christmas 2011… This week, Alena, Christine and team are working hard to transform the store into a wonderland of holiday delights. Following in tradition, the enormous 12 foot tree was erected at the center of the store, and is dripping with elegant ornaments.

As the focal point of the store’s Christmas transformation, each year, the tree is adorned with the latest and greatest of holiday trends. This year will not disappoint! With a traditional theme of reds and greens, on this year’s tree you will find artfully crafted hand-blow, painted and adorned ornaments direct from Austria. Alena Kirby is proud to be one of the rare carriers of this exclusive line in Canada.
If you want to get into the holiday spirit, there’s nothing like AK!


Chris and her tree
Chris and her tree

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