Big Apple Giftshow

Alena and Christine have just returned from their travels, with all kinds of exciting things to report. At the Toronto gifts show their goal was to discover what new Christmas products are on the horizon. An added bonus was to meet Ricardo, who chatted for a while about the success of his cookware, and mentioned how much he loves the Hudson area, being an avid horse lover.

Christine and Alens in New York
Christine and Alens in New York

Next was off to New York, where they go to source out the latest fashion trends. Imagine two whirlwind days in NYC where your only goal is to buy jewelry!
Christine admits: “As you’d expect it’s a lot of fun, and a little exhausting…I’m just looking forward to getting these new pieces in the store; we found one new supplier with very unique things that we believe will be a real hit with our jewelry lovers.”

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